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Nadine Saab

Nadine Saab is a Lebanese artist, born in September 7.
Nadine is studying music and solfege on a daily basis and lives about a year ago, according to an intensive training program.

Her beginning was at the age of 17 through the program “Studio El Fan” where she graduated in 1996 and won the gold medal for the category of popular Tarab in addition to an award of distinction for the performing of the color of Oum Koulthoum.

The director and producer Simon Asmar was interested by her talent so she worked with him in Naher El Fnoun in 1996 until 2001 and there had the opportunity to meet the great composer and singer Melhem Barakat who admired her talent, and composed a song for her “Albi Ya Nass”, written by Nizar Francis and arranged by Elie El Alya.

In 2001, Nadine began working individually with the office of Taurus Serranossian.
Recently Nadine released two songs: "Yala lally" and "Byerjaa Habibi Byeetezer."

Date Title Peak Position # of plays
10/30/2011 Berja3 Habibi Be3tezer 2 41
11/6/2011 Habibi Be3tezer 1 45
6/24/2012 Yalla 7abibi Ta3a 3 29
8/23/2021 Ya Sabi 10 68

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