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Amer Zayan

Raymond Al Khoury born and raised in the southern village of Jezzine, Lebanon better known as Amer Zayan was born on April 25 1988. His talented voice captured the attention of the famous director Simon Asmar years ago, which ever since have helped his push to stardom. Amer is famously known for his first single BIT3ALIMLI BDE2ELA and now has captured the attention of many people after releasing a duet in the summer of 2009 called 3A TARI2AK. He moved onto his second solo that was first released in January 2010 on the show STUDIO EL FAN, where Amer was the guest of the week and sang BI NOSS EL LEIL.
Now Amer has just release his new album called "Ana Shab Am Assis Hali"
Date Title Peak Position # of plays
11/27/2011 3am 2assis 7ale 1 42
5/26/2013 El 3a2liye El Char2iye 11 27
6/8/2014 Bala Balak 2 42
8/10/2014 El Jeish El Lebnani 17 53
4/12/2015 Ra7 Ghanni el Layli 3 81
5/22/2016 Chou Hal Jasad 3 83
2/19/2017 Me7taji 3ala2a 5 80
4/8/2018 Mestahwena 1 85
1/20/2019 Waylo 1 85
5/5/2019 El Seni Senti 1 84
6/21/2021 Ozkourini 1 83
10/11/2021 Al Asfoura (Lelwahla Al Oula) 13 65
11/1/2021 Al Asfoura Lelwahla Al Oula 1 85
3/14/2022 Al Ghere 12 69

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