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Cyrine Abdel Nour

Cyrine Abdel Nour is an actress, model and singer, both Lebanese and Syrian, born in Beirut in 1977. She first began her career as a model, and showed for some of the greatest designers of the 90s, including Mireille Dagher, Renato Bakestra, Felicia Rossi, Zuhair Murad and Thierry Mugler. She won in 2002 the price of "Model of The World" at the ceremony held in Beirut.

Cyrine Abdel Nour got her first movie roles in parallel. She played in 1998 and 1999 in "Smaa Kchâa" and "Sahat Shateen." In 2003, she won the Murex d'Or for "Best Lebanese Actress" for her role in "Ibnati" and also in 2004 for "Ghariba." In 2007, Cyrine Abdel Nour performed a role in "The Prisoner" and a year later, the public was very pleased to find her in the Egyptian production "Ramadan Mabrouk Abul-Alamein Hamouda" and in "Smoke Without Fire ". 

Role proposals followed one another. In 2009, she performed during the month of Ramadan in the series "Al Adham," then in the film "Al Marouk" alongside with the famous Omar Sharif. Finally, between 2009 and 2010, Cyrine Abdel Nour played the role of Sarah in a series signed MTV Leb. Although her acting career was flourishing, Cyrine Abdel Nour found the time to devote herself to music. 

She released in 2004 her first album, "Leila Min Al Layali" which was a great success. The first single was also one of the best titles of the year. Her audience was again delighted to hear her sweet and vibrant voice when she released in 2006 "Aalik Ayoun," and in 2009 "Layali Al Hob" under the label Rotana.
Date Title Peak Position # of plays
1/20/2013 Habaybi 15 17
6/21/2015 Aadi 9 68
1/7/2018 Eza Badak Yani 6 78
1/5/2020 Ana Rje3et 1 83
3/1/2020 Leila 11 71

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