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Georges El Rasi

Georges El Rassi was born in Baabda in Lebanon in 1980 in a family of artists. His father played the lute and He always encouraged him to sing and so did his mother, who was an actress. It quickly became clear that Georges was gifted and had a beautiful and melodious voice.
At the age of 16, Georges signed his first contract for six months to perform in the club "Options" of Kaskil in Lebanon. Even so, the young artist is determined to continue his studies as the same time of his musical career, because for him the two are as equally important.
Georges became popular in the clubs of Lebanon such as "La Fortuna" or "Al Atlal" and in many touristic places such as "Medraj Safra" and "Yasmine Festival" in Hadath. He was also a resident artist in a 5 stars hotel in Dubai for a month. In July 1995, Georges met the famous composer Samir Copty. Samir, seduced by the voice of Georges becomes his mentor and produced his first hit " Min Ya Habbib Min."
In August, he appeared in "Mayrouba Festival" with The “Chahroura” Sabah. Today, he is very demanded in clubs and hotels. After his first hit, his second song "Min Ghader El Hob" – also composed by Samir Copty – was a big success. He is then hired by the nightclub "Carte Blanche" for an indefinite period. Georges El Rassi march to glory and signes his first contract with EMI Music Arabia, when the label creates its subsidiary EMI Music Lebanon.

Date Title Peak Position # of plays
9/9/2012 Btemrou2 Tetghandar 1 48
4/14/2013 Jayi La 3endik 13 23
11/24/2013 Min 2allik 5 31
5/31/2015 Enta El Woujoud 4 78
8/14/2016 Wa7dik Enti 1 84
2/11/2018 Helwe el Raj3a 1 83

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