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Lebanese Singer...

His love for Arabic music started very early on and he took courses at the Lebanese Conservatory of Music while attending school.

After college, he joined the Lebanese Fire Department, and managed a successful national competition for Rescue and first aid. He also worked as a lifeguard after completing his military service.

He soon realized that he had walked away from his dream and decided to start singing in several restaurants and nightclubs. It was a start but far satisfying his ambition. Ghady then took private lessons in oriental music and opened his own restaurant where he had the possibility to sing every night.

His career was launched in 2004, when he released his first single "Dakhilak 3oud " followed by a video clip broadcasted in Lebanon and the Arab world. With this initial success, he was encouraged to create a second video clip, "Biky Dam," which ranked first in several television and radio channels.

He released his third single three months later, "La3ib," which was a huge hit and generated a lot of praise from fans worldwide.

His fourth single, "Bashe2 Majrou7" was released in December 2004 and then worked on several other songs that would make up for an album that his fans would have the joy to discover in the following year.

During this pivotal year, Ghady was very active. On top of releasing 4 singles and their respective video clips, he participated in many festivals in various regions of Lebanon (Dhour Choueir, Byblos, Batroun, Ein Ebbel…) as well as in Syria and in Dubai.

Ghady chose to remain very approachable by his fans. He indeed is reachable on a phone number that he tries to answer personally as often as possible.
Date Title Peak Position # of plays
7/3/2011 Ya Yomma 17 22
2/26/2012 Kint Mesadaa 18 21
1/5/2014 Haddi A3sabak 8 259
3/23/2014 Eltellak Allah Ma3ak 20 19
3/29/2015 Btendam 12 68
1/17/2016 Wayli 1 81
11/13/2016 3a Jbin el Leil & Lawlaki ya Malaki 3 82
1/22/2017 Habbabe 15 57
3/3/2019 Mesh Ma3koul 10 73

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