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Hisham El Hajj

The promising “Jabali” voice of Lebanon
Hisham El Hajj is a promising talent from Lebanon. The young boy was born in the early 1980’s, in Lebanon.
Hisham started his musical career in Ka’s El Noujoum, a music program on LBC TV.
Hisham El Hajj is not just a singer, as he also plays music and composes songs.
He was invited by the Oscar Video Clip Festival, the ninth festival held in Egypt, where the Lebanese star was called for the title of best young Arab Artist. The members of the judging panel consisted of noble people in the music world such as Madiha Yusri, Nelly, Mahmoud Yassin, Mohammed Sultan and Dr. Abdel-Moneim Saad, head of the festival.
Hisham was pleased with the large number of fans who liked his song “Habibi Ana”.
As for collaboration projects, Hisham El Hajj has worked with some of the best directors of art like Saeed Al Marouk, Said Haddad, Randa Aalam.
His songs were released in his albums: “Habibi Ana” with 8 songs and “Welaet” including 9 songs. Of Hisham El Hajj’s best songs we find: “Shift El ward”, and “Welaet” the main album single. As for “Gouli Shay” directed by Rindala Kodeih, it was a very expressive video clip.
In 2010, Hisham released the song “Baladna”, in duet with the Egyptian pop singer Amina, by which he amazed the audience with his great Jabali voice. The song was shot in a lovely video clip, narrating the cultural heritage of the two artists’ home lands, Egypt and Lebanon, to meet a huge success on Melody TV. The song “Baladna”, also topped the playlist of the Lebanese national radio.
In parallel to his releases, Hisham has been very active since the year 2009, performing at many festivals and private concerts from which we mention: the concerts of Mrouj Festival in Lebanon, “Jal El Dib_ Shiyah” festival, Orbit TV channel concert in the program Oyoun Beirut, MTV’s program “El Hawa Sawa”, “Jal El Dib_ Mar Aabda” festival, in addition to many other appearances.
Date Title Peak Position # of plays
12/11/2011 A7la Lebnaniye 5 29
12/18/2011 Ahla Lebnaniye 9 26
7/15/2012 Iza Allah 3atani 3 28
4/7/2013 El Rahma 19 18
7/21/2013 Chou Fiha 10 30
8/10/2014 So3be 6 74
7/26/2015 Layli w Laylat 3 80
3/13/2016 Khallik 7addi 8 73
6/26/2016 3e2det Dareb 8 72
4/2/2017 Enti w Ana 1 83
8/6/2017 Se7rak Majnoon 8 75
4/15/2018 Ma Ygader Allah 4 79
2/14/2021 Ma Habbaytni 9 73
7/5/2021 Asfour Tayyar 11 67
1/10/2022 Yala Nefrah 13 67

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