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Marwan Khoury

Marwan Khoury: The composer in Murex d’Or
Marwan Khoury is a Lebanese composer famous singer, born in 1968. His name sounds in Arabic books of musicology and the compilation of songs by stars in the Middle East.
Very young, he studied musicology in his native country, specifically the piano and music history at the USEK university (University of the Holy Spirit of Kaslik) in 1986. Studious student, he won the first prize in composition, as Lebanese President Amin Gemayel at the time gave him in person. He began his career writing lyrics and melodies for other artists such as Assala Nasri, Najwa Karam, Majda Al Roumi or Nawal Zoghbi for which he composed the two tubes Tia and Dalouna. Parallel to this, he played for the other celebrities Lebanese concerts as a pianist.
Kasak Habibi,was his first single, however, mark a turning point in his artistic career. The success of this first title will get him to compose and produce two consecutive albums that make a hit in the Arab world: Khayal El Omr (2003), which includes 7 tracks, and Koul El Kasaied (2004). For the first album, Marwan received a Golden Murex for Best Composer for the song Ya Shoq whose CILP is realized with the help of his brother Claude Khory, artistic director. The second album will let him be launched on Rotana music channel broadcast on satellite in the Arab world, whose viewership is one of the highest of all channels in the region. In 2004 he received a second Murex d’Or, this time for Best Complete Artist (lyrics, composition, video, performance and album). Finally, the output of the third album, Kasr al Shoo ’(2006) definitively confirms the role of Marwan in the Lebanese pop industry.
Indeed, Marwan Khoury is one of those composers whose songs are most popular in the region. Male and female celebs competing Arabic titles of the composer for the value they possess. His talent as a performer also draws crowds as illustrated by its performance at the International Festival of Carthage in Tunisia in 2005.
Date Title Peak Position # of plays
10/2/2011 Ba3sha2 Rou7ik 4 38
3/11/2012 Kena Etafakna 2 39
5/27/2012 Kina Tafa2na 19 16
2/2/2014 Mich 3am Betrou7i 4 39
9/7/2014 Law 14 67
2/22/2015 Nater 11 66
6/28/2015 Hoby El Anany 7 73
7/12/2015 Albi Da2 18 60
7/3/2016 Mesh Ana 20 51
8/28/2016 Madreset El Hob 16 63
4/9/2017 Ya Betkoun L Eli 12 73
12/2/2018 Mesh Enta Habibi 15 63
6/16/2019 Ana Bsara7a 15 56
8/9/2020 Kamel Hayatak 5 80
12/27/2020 Mish Martaha 12 65

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