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Maya Diab

Maya Diab is a Lebanese Arabic music singer from central Lebanon.

Maya Diab used to be one of the 4 Cats. She is close friends with musician Ghassan Rahbani, creator and manager of the 4 Cats group. She also has strong ties with television presenter Toni Baroud.

Maya Diab is married to a rich business man, after a long love relationship. Their marriage was held in Switzerland.

The charming Maya Diab is also known for her sharp sense of humor, and masters the art of joke telling. She is often the guest of TV shows that showcase funny celebrities, such the program LOL on OTV. She has recently joined MTV for a very successful show on Saturday evenings…
Date Title Peak Position # of plays
12/18/2011 Habibi 2 43
8/18/2013 Dabou 3aynayk 2 35
1/12/2014 Aywa 5 32
3/9/2014 Ya Niyyali 9 27
9/27/2015 Ya Bayyaiin El Assal 5 74
6/25/2017 Teb3ed 3anni 13 63
4/1/2018 Sadi2a Eli 1 84
7/22/2018 Ba3dou 3 82
2/3/2019 Ysouffou Haki 1 85
6/30/2019 Khserna Baad 6 73
9/8/2019 Yaba Yaba 1 85
3/15/2020 Ana 18 57

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