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Rouwaida Attieh

Rouwaida Attieh, a Syrian artist born Abidah Haydar Attieh in the city of Hums on July 1st ,1982. She has been passionate for music since her childhood. Indeed, she learned music notes and also playing the Oud at the age of 7 years old. She also reperformed songs of the great diva Oum Kalthoum like ‘Houa sahih elhawa ghalleb’and ‘inta omri’.
Rowaida improved her music knowledge by studying the Music notes, the muwashahat, koudoud and by joining many music clubs that mostly preserve the folklore and traditional heritage. She participated in the famous TV show super star and won the second prize for reperforming songs of Asala Nasri and Oum Kalthoum. Her first album ‘men nadhra’ was released in 2004 containing 7 songs from the composer Imed Shams Eddine. She released a new album in 2005 entitled ‘kheesamak Morr’, she also shot a video music clip for the song ‘heyda lebnan’ in which she co-performed with wadii Essafi. Her third album “Esma’ani”was released in 2009 along with a video clip in which she accompanied Assi Alhellani in his song ‘sahra echark’ from the album ‘yemken’.
Rouaida Attieh has proved herself to be a great talented artist through the growing number of her fans and also the success of her albums.
Date Title Peak Position # of plays
5/20/2012 Baladi 13 20
11/11/2018 Ta3a 15 61
4/7/2019 Kifak Ya Hob 19 56
3/15/2020 7ada Tany 12 66

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