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Sabine is a multi-talented Lebanese performer who entered the world of music at the age of 17 years with the "Rahabna" (Lebanese Musicians known worldwide whose family name is Rahbani) with two songs: "Ebatly Email" and "Baseal Haly".

Since her childhood, Sabine has only one dream, to become a big star. Her hard work, her will, and her unique voice made her marks the minds. She conquered the public by interpreting in many languages romantic and tarabi songs on the stages of several Arab countries.

She was rewarded by the famous company "Universal Studio" as the best rising star among many artist names from around the world. She was interviewed by the "BBC Radio" which considered her as a key singer among Arab youth. She was also rewarded by "BBC radio", and won the "Murex D’or" as the best coming Star.

Despite her success, the ambition of Sabine remain unabated. Perfectionist, she also masters dance and acting.
Date Title Peak Position # of plays
10/23/2011 Akher Hammak 9 28
12/9/2012 Leich Za3lana 3 31
5/5/2013 3oyouni Bi7ebouk 1 37
10/27/2013 Mamnou3 Yiz3al 14 24
8/31/2014 Barkouli Ya Banat 1 84
3/1/2015 Yoh Yoh 2 84
4/26/2015 Tallekni 1 82
5/10/2015 Yoh Yoh 6 75

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