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Viviane Mrad

Viviane Mrad is a Lebanese singer. She was born in July 12, 1980 in the Bekaa region on the Syrian border. She studied engineering plan but ultimately starts in a career in music, the beauty of her voice had been awake for a long time the attention of her family and her professors and triggered the popularity of her classmates when she occurred to school concerts. She left Lebanon to get to Paris where she will live for five years and learn to sing in English, French, Spanish and Italian.
His training completed, the young padawan of the song went to Dubai in 2008 where she directed her first single and music video Ma bi shay (Upside Down Production) relayed by the music channel Melody TV. In 2011, she loops her first album FO2 el Kalam "Beyond Words" which contains ten tracks of variety of good behavior Eastern concocted by a host of mercenaries Eastern artists, including Egyptian authors Mohammed Rifai, Nasser al-Jaw, and Ahmed Abdul Nabi.
If the songs contains few of the Parisian adventure of Viviane Mrad, no place had been found to promote her CD in all Western languages that the beautiful has tried to learn in five years, it is quite different in clips. We are here beyond the words as it was announced.
To Ma bi shay already unveiled the buxom sensuality exacerbated by posing in a slinky white dress on a chair or playing with a 50 years microphone. In the second, even more subversive,made by director Randa Aalam for the title track from the album FO2 el Kalam, Viviane Mrad is the subject of a card game between two men in a casino and provides in the bridal chamber incredible campaign to save phone wire. Of course, the register of the emancipated woman is still fully subject to male fantasies, but this is the first step done by a sublime eastern evening gown and high heels
Date Title Peak Position # of plays
6/17/2012 Al Jensiye 1 48
11/18/2012 Moujarrad E7sas 9 24
10/20/2013 3azab el 7obb 6 36
11/3/2013 3azab El 7ob 15 23
8/16/2015 Kel Chi Twaa3tou 15 63
10/1/2017 Ghil B2albi Ghil 3 81

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