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Wael Jassar

Wael Jassar is a Lebanese singer born in 1972. He is considered to be one of the best upcoming artists who both re-performs classic songs and creates his own artistic profile keeping a unique and remarkable identity. As many upcoming artists, Wael Jassar started re-performing the songs of Abdelhalim Hafez, the legend of Arab romantic songs as well as those of Oum Kalthoum ,the legend and diva of Arab music.

As a child, he had a TV appearance performing the famous "Yalli Taeebna Snin Fi Hawak" of George Wasouf. He caught the audience’s attention during that performance. Wael Jassar released his first album "Meshi" in 1996. The album gave him the admiration of the Arab audience and the respect of the music industry makers including composers, lyricists, and producers.

 Soon after releasing his first album, he started collaborating with Nicholas Nakhla and the songwriter Mohamed Mady. Their work together gave birth to a hit single "Ya Tayer" that was very successful in the Middle East and the whole Arab world. His albums "El Donia Allamitni" and "Allah Ykhallehom" made his success and helped him enter the world of fame and glory.

 Wael jassar then released his album "Meshet Khalas" including nine songs with collaboration with reputable names in the music business like the songwriters Hani Abdelkarim, Mustapha Moursi, Nicholas Hayek and the musicians Waleed Saas and Nacer Elassad.

 His latest album "Saat Baqoul" is a bit different since it combines his very soft and relaxing voice with a mix of electric and rhythmic music. Most artists and a huge number of fans compared him to George Wassouf in the beginning of his career, but Wael Jassar succeeded in building his own artistic profile and identity
Date Title Peak Position # of plays
3/10/2013 Ana Bense7eb 6 28
3/30/2013 Ana Bense7ib 17 19
3/26/2017 Wo Btes2alini 7 77
7/30/2017 Isti2alit 7obbi 9 77
2/4/2018 Senin El Zakrayat 14 69
9/2/2018 Bel Sodfi 9 71
6/28/2020 Ma Tghebchi Thawani 1 84

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