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Wissam El Amir

Wissam El Amir is a Lebanese singer, song-writer and music composer. 

He started his career back in the 1960s, when he was still a student. He is one of Lebanon’s foremost composers and has composed for Lebanon’s most famous modern-day singers. A big number of the songs he composed reached number one on the radio charts. Born in Deir el Qamar, Wissam El Amir lived there most of his childhood. 

 When he decided to pursue a musical career, his parents stood against this idea at first. But his love for music and for composing were his sole concerns. So when everyone noticed his talent and how successful he was, he was supported and encouraged to lead the way. Wissam El Amir plays different instruments, mainly the "Oud", which is his favorite musical instrument. He has composed for many artists including Najwa Karam, Zein El Omr, Rouwaida Attieh, Haifa Wehbe, Carole Samaha, Diana Haddad, Darine Hadchiti and Assi El Hellani. 

 The vast majority of his songs are sung in the Lebanese dialect; however he has composed some songs for Najwa Karam and Rouwaida Attieh in the Khaliji dialect, written by Saudi poet/lyricist Saoud El Sharbalati. Wissam El Amir's solo albums include "Tallet Amar", "Aletli La" and "2006". 
Date Title Peak Position # of plays
4/21/2013 Kamchit 7atab 7 28
4/22/2018 Dommini 3 81
12/2/2018 Taxi 10 71

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