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Kylie Minogue on her new album and the art of writing happy songs about death

It can’t be easy to write a song that’s equally suited for pre-games and funerals, but Kylie Minogue has pulled it off with “Dancing,” the first single from her upcoming album, Golden. Sure, the track’s sparkling chorus — “When I go out, I wanna go out dancing!” — is a welcome addition to getting-ready playlists. But take the song another way — “When I go out,” as in, out of this living world — and you get an unexpectedly touching banger about living your best life while you’re still walking on earth. It’s a message that’s already inspired some fans to semi-jokingly ask for the song to be played at their own funerals. And for an artist who says her songs are “more about escapism than anything else,” as Minogue tells EW, the song’s acknowledgment of mortality marks a subtle but notable shift in her lyrics toward deeper storytelling.

Also, different this time around? The song’s prominent country inspirations, which emerged during a two-week songwriting trip to Nashville last summer and ultimately shaped the direction of her 14th LP, due April 6.
Glenbey 12YO

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Glenbey 12YO